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How to Progress

Once your physical activity program has been set, you need to learn how to progress the activities. Progression is the key to improving fitness. In general, increase the length or number of the activities before increasing the intensity. Follow the progression guidelines in each of the steps noted above for specific recommendations.
  • Increase the number of times per week the activity is performed
  • Increase the length or number of the activity/ exercise (time, sets, repetitions)
  • Increase the level of the activity (noted by more resistance, or heart rate)
Track your progress by maintaining a physical activity log. Be sure and bring it back to your healthcare professional when you return for your follow-up. (Download Activity Log as PDF.)

How to Stay Motivated

  • Moderation is the key; start gradually with enjoyable activities and progress slowly
  • Maintain activity logs to record achievements
  • Try to do workouts about the same time of day
  • Make activity part of your daily life
  • Reward yourself for reaching your first goal
  • Review your goals with your activity logs on a regular basis.
  • Revise your goals as you progress your activities
  • Exercise with a partner or in groups where possible
  • Ask your family & friends to support your physical activity commitment

Exercise Hints

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes with good support
  • Be sure and perform warm-up and cool-down activities such as stretching with every session.
  • Start slowly and progress slowly as recommended by your healthcare providers.
  • Monitor the intensity of your activity as recommended by your healthcare providers.
  • Be sure and drink plenty of fluids, particularly if you sweat during your activity.
  • Remember to maintain proper posture and form with each activity. Don't take shortcuts to finish the activity.

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